Cogon Grass

Primary Function: Historically adapted to survive in flooded environments, Cylindrica root extract (Cogon Grass) is the perfect ingredient for delivering potent moisturizing benefits to the skin.

Secondary Function: By being a moisturizing superstar, our cylindrica extract can also increase the collagen synthesis of the skin for an elegant solution to dry and wrinkled skin.  

History of Use: Commonly known as Cogon Grass, the Imperata cylindrica is a hardy grass native to the warm climates of Western Africa and Southern Asia. Due to its region of origin’s partiality towards brief flooding, the Imperata cylindrica has evolutionarily adapted the ability to survive in a variety of conditions, specifically in a flooded environment.  

Well-loved in Southeast Asia as the source of the material that Buddha used for his meditation seat, Imperata cylindrica has also been a popular ingredient in traditional Mizo medicine of India and Myanmar and ancient Chinese medicine. Known as an anti-bacterial, it has long been used as a remedy for wounds and skin ailments, while its diuretic benefits have been used to treat gastrointestinal and urinary tract issues. Its well-known moisturizing benefits made it a remedy for those suffering from thirst, and have recently made it an exciting ingredient in the skincare industry.

Ingredient Source: Our Cylindrica root extract is sourced by an INCI and REACH-Standard-approved supplier that is committed to the reduction of animal testing and improvement in the protection of the environment from the dangers of unregulated chemicals. This ingredient is GMO-free and is developed to be without any irritating fragrance additives. 

 Scientific Benefits: 

  • Moisturization: While moisturizing might not be the most exciting of skincare activities, it is one of the most vital steps to take to ensure the long-term health and glow of your skin. Our Cylindrica root extract is an excellent long-term moisturizer, due to its large reservoir of Potassium and 3-dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) molecules that can help in increasing the flow of water into the cells. Research has shown that the Cylindrica root extract could increase the moisturization levels of the skin by 45% after 30 days of use, with the benefits becoming noticeable after merely 24 hours.
  • Increased Collagen: The intense increase in the skin’s moisturization levels, can lead to additional benefits related to the long-term health of the skin as well. This heightened moisturizing of the skin also means that the cellular metabolism levels could also be stimulated, leading to an increase in the synthesis of Collagen proteins in the skin. This process would significantly increase the firmness of the skin and add anti-benefits to the Cylindrica root extract as well.

Scientific Claims:

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