What we stand for

Every company should hold themselves to a certain set of standards. These go beyond basic values that differentiate us from the crowd (our unique platform and personalization algorithm already does that). Rather, these are standards that we believe all businesses should strive to achieve.In the spirit of accountability and transparency, we promise to be as open and honest as possible throughout every touchpoint of the company.


We did not create this company or these products for ourselves. We may wear lab coats and hold Doctorate degrees, but we do not know about you or your skin until you tell us. Together, we are creating something that neither one of us could do without the other.


Beyond benefitting our customers, we are committed to enriching all of those in our supply chain. From the farmers working to produce our raw materials, to factory workers purifying the ingredients, to our employees, we believe everyone should be treated and compensated fairly.


Our products should not have a harmful impact on the environment. We want to eliminate unnecessary single-use waste and packaging as much as possible, and are highly selective with the packaging materials we use. Each of our suppliers also strive for this level of environmental consciousness. Since our products are made from natural ingredients, we try to ensure that these ingredients are sustainably harvested.


Each of our ingredients must be scientifically proven to be effective, not just based on anecdotal evidence or “fluff” pieces. Every single ingredient in our library has undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure that the efficacy is backed by research and facts.

Science / Technology

We strive to constantly integrate cutting edge science and technology to enhance user experience.


All of our products are proven safe before distribution. We are not simply about “clean” beauty with a random list of “bad” ingredients. Rather, each ingredient used must be shown to have a long record of use and safety.

Created with you, for you, by you.