Our Story

Created By ___________ is made up of a team of scientists, formulators, and technologists who’ve spent years accumulating knowledge and data that makes it possible to create a truly personalized skincare platform.

We have combed through countless peer reviewed scientific journal articles to learn about skin’s intrinsic nature, history, and environmental conditions to ensure that we can provide the best recommendations for your skin— based on biology — not buzzwords.

How we got here

During our time in the corporate skincare industry, my fellow scientists and collaborators noticed the same issues popping up, without companies properly addressing them; so we decided to launch our own company and fix them.

What we do

1. Proper Education: Different skin types benefit from different ingredients and we believe in sharing that information with you. Head over to our Skin Stories to learn more.

2. Simple Ingredients: We use proven-effective ingredients, no toxic chemicals found here! Read about them in depth on our Ingredient Stories.

3. Personalized skincare: No more endless options and guessing what works best for you skin, we personalize your skincare routine specifically for your body & daily routine.

4. Skin Compatibility: Ingredients interact with each other and sometimes this can have a negative impact on your skin - making it so important to have a team of scientists on your side.

About the name

Our name, Created by ___________, was chosen to serve as a constant reminder to ourselves and our customers that our product is incomplete without you.

Each formula is completely personalized, and only you, can complete the product. We rely on our community to give our brand purpose and fulfillment.

Without them, something’s missing – hence the empty line.

The Founder

What’s an epigenetics scientist with a PhD in molecular biology doing with a skincare company?

The answer is actually pretty straightforward. After six years in an academic setting analyzing large genomic datasets, I spent several years working for one of the largest skincare companies in the world. My role involved researching skin-related datasets of microbiome and epigenomic data, or in other words, analyzing massive amounts of data related to the qualities that make up our skin’s health, structure and function.

After having hundreds of conversations with everyday people and industry experts alike, our team of scientists, chemists and experts have invented a truly unique system that will enable our customers to create perfectly personalized skincare formulas that are 100% tailored to their needs… and their genes.

– Shifra-Liba Klein, PhD

Created for you, with you, by you.