Okra Extract

Primary Function: Touted as the topical alternative to injectable muscle relaxants, Myoxinol brings potent anti-aging benefits with a focus on "expression lines". Sourced from the Hibiscus esculentus (Okra), this extract is an essential weapon in the fight against visible signs of aging.

Secondary Function: Supplementing its anti-aging prowess, Myoxinol is packed with powerful antioxidants that battle oxidative damage, providing a comprehensive skincare solution.

History of Use: Okra, often remembered as the quirky vegetable our mothers made us eat, has a hidden secret - it's a treasure trove for skincare. The Okra tree, indigenous to Ethiopia and widely grown in Africa and South Asia, has been a bountiful food source and medicinal tool for centuries. Its benefits for skin health, celebrated by historical icons such as Cleopatra and Yang Guifei, have been recently harnessed into Myoxinol, an innovative skincare ingredient offering a holistic anti-aging approach.

Ingredient Source: Our Myoxinol is extracted from the seeds of the Hibiscus esculentus L., or Okra. These seeds undergo biotransformation to extract native proteins, processed into the oligopeptide complex that forms Myoxinol. We source our Myoxinol responsibly from India, from an ECOCERT-Standard-approved supplier dedicated to sustainable natural resource use and environmentally-friendly production processes. This ingredient is vegan, GMO-free, and developed without any animal testing or products.

Scientific Benefits:   

  • Anti-wrinkle: Winkle formation occurs through a combination of biological (think oxidative damage) and mechanical processes, which involving repetitive use of facial muscles over time. For example, the popularity of injectable muscle relaxants as an anti-aging tool arises from the fact that it can inhibit the contraction of facial muscles. Our okra extract can be thought of as a topical and non-invasive alternative. The naturally-occurring proteins of okra can inhibit some muscle contraction, as evidenced by research which demonstrated that our extract’s inhibitory effects were on par with the benchmark muscle relaxant named Carisoprodol. Numerous studies and clinical trials underscore Myoxinol's benefits, with one double-blind study demonstrating a significant reduction in wrinkle depth after three weeks of treatment. An in-vitro study further highlighted Myoxinol's capacity to reduce muscle cell contraction, with effects lasting but reversible after 24 hours.
  • Antioxidant: Myoxinol also tackles the biological side of aging. Okra is rich in Vitamin C, a renowned antioxidant. Studies show our Okra extract possesses potent antioxidant capabilities, helping the body and skin combat oxidative damage over time.

By addressing both biological and mechanical pathways to inhibit wrinkle formation, Myoxinol offers a comprehensive anti-aging solution.

Scientific Claims:

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