The Science Behind Skin: My Evolution in Skincare

During my formative years, while many dove into the world of fictional tales, my fascination lay with the scientific marvels that shaped our world. The idea of being the pioneer, the first to decode a mystery, was exhilarating. My inclination towards molecular biology during my collegiate years was merely an extension of that intrigue.

Bioinformatics and genomics were not just subjects for me; they were the pathways to answer significant questions about our very existence. This quest for knowledge landed me a role at Johnson & Johnson, where I spent years as part of a scientific innovation team, where my primary focus lay in unraveling the complexities of the skin microbiome and epigenome.

However, life often throws challenges when least expected. For someone who'd spent years decoding the human genome, understanding a skincare label seemed like the next Everest. The complex list of ingredients, the buzzwords without genuine backing, the convoluted presentations – it was a labyrinth even for a scientist. It dawned upon me - if an expert like me felt lost, how overwhelming must it be for the everyday consumer?

My belief in integrity and transparency led me to question the industry norms. The superficiality of terms like "100% natural" when only a fraction of that promise was being delivered, and the sprinkling of 'luxurious' ingredients without effective quantities was not just misleading; it was against the very principles of genuine care.

Thus, the inception of "Created By ___." It wasn’t just another brand; it was a reflection of my scientific endeavors, my personal beliefs, and my commitment to genuine care. Envisioned to be an emblem of transparency, each product would have a simple base formula, allowing personalization without ambiguity. Every single ingredient, and its origin, clearly mentioned. No smoke, no mirrors.

The time spent at Johnson & Johnson enriched me, but sculpting "Created By ___" has been my magnum opus. This venture isn’t merely a culmination of my academic prowess and professional experience; it's a testament to the curious child who believed in science, honesty, and the power of knowledge. Through "Created By ___," I hope to share this clarity and passion with you. It's more than skincare; it's an expedition into the very essence of trust, clarity, and genuine care. Welcome aboard this journey with me.

- Shifra-Liba Klein, PhD 

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