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INCI: Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Primary Function: Anti-aging

Secondary Function: Increased elasticity, adaptogenic

History of Use: For thousands of years, ginseng--referred to as the "root of life"--has been used to treat a myriad of heath conditions from stomachaches to poor circulation. Ginseng is thought to date back to the first century in Han-dynasty China. Ginseng was used as a “superior tonic” in China, but it was not a cure-all medicine. It was typically prescribed to chronically ill patients. It was also included in herbal drinks and sold as a dietary supplement.

Ingredient Source: Our Ginseng root extract is sourced by an INCI and REACH-Standard-approved supplier that is committed to the reduction of animal testing and improvement in the protection of the environment from the dangers of unregulated chemicals. This ingredient is GMO-free and is developed to be without any irritating fragrance additives. 

Scientific Benefits: 

  • Anti-aging: Poor circulation leads to inflammation and fluid retention. Ginseng can enhance microcirculation and distributing that fluid evenly which prevents and decreases build-up (retention). This can help reduce fine lines and make the skin firmer. 
  • Adaptogenic: Depending on what your body needs, ginseng can either arouse or relax. It's bidirectional--capable of sending one of two contradictory signals to the body. This helps the body adapt to different situations and stressors. Just as it's an adaptogen internally, it's also an adaptogen externally, helping the skin adjust to stress.
  • Increased elasticity: Ginseng contains Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. The combination of these two vitamins increases circulation and oxygen. These benefits result in increased collagen production and elasticity that can help reduce signs of aging.

Full Ingredient List: Water, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil,  Cetearyl Olivate, Musa Sapientum (Banana) Leaf/Trunk Extract, Sorbitan Olivate

Ingredient Sources: Water, Ginseng, Sunflower, Olive, Banana & Olive

Size: 1 mL

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