Yeast Extract (Collagen)

Primary Function:  This naturally-derived soluble Collagen extracted from yeast provides the skin with the moisturizing benefits of traditional collagen while remaining cruelty-free.  

Secondary Function: Our cruelty-free collagen alternative is also capable of providing anti-aging benefits through antioxidant protection and increasing the cellular metabolism

History of Use: Yeast extract may seem like a strange skincare element at first, but this ingredient actually has a long history of use that dates all the way back to Korea’s Joseon Dynasty and their traditional “Hanbang” medicinal formulas. Japanese Geishas, famed for their beauty, used fermented rice solution (aka Sake) as lotions and toners to achieve their glowing skin. To this day, fermented skincare still belongs at the very heart of Korean and Japanese beauty traditions.

Ingredient Source: Mammalian Collagen has been a beloved ingredient in cosmetic formulations for decades, because its effectiveness in moisturizing the skin and providing anti-aging benefits has been proven. Unfortunately, their use has traditionally been animal-derived, and the increasing awareness of animal cruelty and the commitment to cruelty-free ingredients means that there is a need for naturally derived (non-animal) source of soluble collagen. Our yeast-derived collagen is made by using the Glycoproteins of fermented yeast, which provide a conflict-free and effective alternative to traditional animal derived soluble collagen.

Our suppliers are both INCI and REACH-Standard-approved, and are committed to the reduction of animal testing and improvement in the protection of the environment from the dangers of unregulated chemicals. This ingredient is vegan and GMO-free and has been formulated to be free of an irritating additives.

Scientific Benefits: 

  • Moisturizing Benefits: The Glycoproteins of the yeast extracts emulate the hydrating function of mammalian collagen by providing significantly higher moisturization to the skin. Studies have shown that use of our yeast derived collagen correlated with miniaturization levels that were 11.5% higher than those recorded using a base lotion, without the addition of our collagen.
  • Anti-aging Benefits: In addition to its incredible moisturizing benefits, studies have shown that our yeast extract also possesses powerful antioxidant capabilities comparable with Vitamin E’s. This ingredient has also been shown to increase cellular metabolism and viability which, together with the antioxidant benefits, make it an ideal ingredient for anti-aging purposes.

Scientific Sources: 

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